About Me

Who am I?

JC Chang


Full-stack developer based in the Washington D.C. Metro Area with a passion for creating change through code. Fluent in Javascript, ReactJS, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. Self-driven problem solver and effective communicator seeking to make lasting, positive social impact with cutting edge technology.

Software Engineering Coach

Flatiron School

  • Lead classes of 10+ students in lectures and programming demos
  • Facilitate student learning through pair-programming to debug and test student code
  • Develop and lead 30+ student project sprints throughout a 15-week semester
  • Pilot and provide feedback on experimental changes in curriculum and pedagogical styles
  • Prepare students for technical interviews with whiteboard exercises and mock coding challenge reviews

Full-Stack Development Student

Flatiron School

  • Graduated from leading 15-week immersive Software Engineering bootcamp
  • Developed full-stack web application projects
  • Presented blog articles around the latest developments in technology
  • Delivered technical presentation on the use of Motion Capture technology in Film Media

Technical Proficiencies

Languages and Frameworks